Mission statement

Safety Platform Cargo Surveyors (SPCS) strives to ensure safe working conditions for surveyors that conduct independent inspections....

SPCS - Safety Platform Cargo Surveyors

SPCS stands for safety. In the Dutch and Belgian Inspection industry multiple independent inspection companies perform inspections for quantity and quality verifications on liquid bulk products as crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals and vegetable oils. These inspection companies have pooled their expertise in the field of occupational health and safety and they operate under the name:

Safety Platform Cargo Surveyors (SPCS)

The members of the Safety Platform Cargo Surveyors (SPCS) are:

  • Saybolt Nederland B.V.
  • Saybolt Belgium NV
  • SGS Nederland B.V.
  • SGS Belgium NV
  • Bureau Veritas Commodities Netherlands
  • Bureau Veritas Commodities Antwerp NV
  • Intertek Nederland B.V.
  • Intertek Belgium NV
  • AmSpec Belgium BVBA
  • AmSpec B.V. Rotterdam Technical Center
  • AmSpec B.V. Amsterdam
  • SPCS strives to promote safe working conditions, in strict compliance with national and international legislation, norms and standards, for surveyors who carry out independent inspections, collect samples and perform other such duties on ships or in any other modes of transport, in factories or in storage/transshipment facilities. Part of the programme is our Occupational Health and Safety Catalogue but on the other hand we want to be the central point of contact for occupational health and safety and safe conduct of surveyors in general.